Going After Teh Lulz

  • REVIEW: GoPole The Arm Test Video

    REVIEW: GoPole The Arm Test Video

    Tried shooting a few clips last week using the GoPole The Arm mount. The angles are different I’ll give you that. But because the camera weighs as much as it does, the plastic arm tends to sag down and bounce on top of the helmet. This was the only slot […]

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  • Winter’s 1st Birthday Loot

    Winter’s 1st Birthday Loot

    Thank you titos and titas for the massive gift haul! ROI na yung party namin

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  • Happy Birthday Kenzie Winter Macalua

    Happy Birthday Kenzie Winter Macalua

    Sorry Winter, I was only able to shoot this time lapse video. Can’t wait for the full video from Party-cles.

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  • Pestaño Blue+Red Trails

    Pestaño Blue+Red Trails

    Blame the 2-week old Pestaño Farm breakfast buffet for this trip. This trail is short, fast and for me, one of the most technical ones out there. This was my 2nd trip to the Pestaño Blue+Red Trails and we made sure we did 2 runs for posterity. Here’s our actual […]

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  • 1st Philippine GT Bicycles Owners Meetup

    1st Philippine GT Bicycles Owners Meetup

      Calling all GT owners in Metro Manila! Aim for Harkor is organizing a GT owners meetup+fun ride at Timberland on February 23, 2012. I’ll definitely be there. If you own one or know someone who does, please spread the word! Time to earn our wings!

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  • REVIEW: GoPole The Arm

    REVIEW: GoPole The Arm

    Just got The Arm specialty mount from GoPole. Based on footages I’ve seen on YouTube, angle looks very similar to the GoPro front helmet mount, with a bit more elevation and angle choices. You can also choose to mount it at the back of the helmet. It also is very, […]

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  • Happy Birthday Winter

    Happy Birthday Winter

    We’re so happy and proud to have you as our little Princess Leia Skywalker Amidala Organa Solo Miguel Macalua Shot during Winter’s birthday dinner at Haru Sushi Bar in Kapitolyo.

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  • Devinci Wilson Carbon

    Devinci Wilson Carbon

    This bike just stands out. From the form to the colors, Steve Smith’s weapon of choice is my current flame. Here’s the load out on the Devinci Wilson Carbon SL. For more info about the Devinci Wilson, check out this feature on FactoryJackson.com.

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  • Mt. Balagbag Downhill

    Mt. Balagbag Downhill

    Here’s the complete run down Mt. Balagbag. Stitched videos from the ContourROAM and the GoPro Hero 3.

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  • Bittersweet Balagbag (Painful Uphill, Crazy Downhill)

    Bittersweet Balagbag (Painful Uphill, Crazy Downhill)

    Going up Mt. Balagbag (777+ MASL) with the USAP Mountaineers and USAP 2-Wheels clubs was a PAIN. I practically walked up the mountain. I need to get more pedal time and maybe go back to the 5k night run habit. Going downhill was a different matter though trying to go […]

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