Going After Teh Lulz

  • Antenna Downhill Session

    Antenna Downhill Session

    I’ve been looking forward to this ride for the longest time. After seeing videos and hearing stories of this downhill track, I just knew I had to sample it. Everything would have been perfect, except for one thing. Mike my riding buddy and overall good friend had a bad fall and broke […]

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  • VuPackPole Road Test

    VuPackPole Road Test

    Took the VuPackPole out for a road test around Camp Aguinaldo. Would have wanted to test it on single track, but the trail inside the camp was closed. Still trying to find the perfect camera angle when using this mount for mountain biking. I think the camera should be shoulder height […]

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  • VuPackPole by VuVantage.com Test Movie

    VuPackPole by VuVantage.com Test Movie

    Just got the VuPackPole from Rodger Dean over at VuVantage.com. I’m super stoked just thinking of the GoPro angle possibilities of this mount. I wasn’t able to verify it, but I’m probably one of the first ones to get it in the Philippines so extra stoke points right there! When I first […]

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  • Earn Your Wings

    Earn Your Wings

    Went to Timberland for an all-GT ride. Had fun learning about new DH sections of my all-time favorite trail 🙂 Hope we get more riders to join next time! And Hope GT Bicycles sends us some swag to give away, like a GT Fury frame maybe or something

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  • Heroes Trail Jump Session

    Heroes Trail Jump Session

    First time at the Heroes Trail in Taguig and first time to ride a trail for the Sharmskee. She did admirably. This was also our “recruitment ride” featuring new biker recruits from USAP. Hope they join the other rides too. After the ride, we all had lunch. Got a few […]

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  • Why Buy When You Can DIY

    Why Buy When You Can DIY

    Getting the Maldea the flat black look. The paint job is officially my first DIY project. And I suck at it. That is why you buy when you can DIY.

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  • Road Discipline Pinoys Get Some

    Road Discipline Pinoys Get Some

    I’m a very patient and generous driver. But it’s kupal drivers like these that test my limits.

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  • Under the Sea Part 3

    Under the Sea Part 3

    Traded handlebars for regulators last Saturday. According to Sharm’s records, this would be our third “introduction to diving” dive. First one was in Dive & Trek in Anilao with my brother and Glen (who both went on to get their certifications a few months after that). Second one was in […]

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  • Gift Ideas for TheMacalu

    Gift Ideas for TheMacalu

    I’m turning a year older again in a few weeks. Assuming the wife’s reading and is still undecided on what she’s getting me for my 36th birthday, maybe she can guess from watching these videos: 1) Davinci Wilson 2) Specialized Demo 3) Transition Bikes TR450 Really, all I’m asking for […]

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  • Sunday Swim with the Kiddies

    Sunday Swim with the Kiddies

    Kendra’s a natural in the water like her mom. Winter’s a bit on the timid side (I wonder who she got that from). But both kids definitely enjoyed the pool time. Played around with the GoPro 3’s 120fps setting to get some cool slow mos at the Riverfront Residences pool. […]

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