Isabel Needs Your Help

*Photos of Isabel, Ormoc, and Palompon

Hi guys. I’m Marc Macalua, proud Isabelanon. As you might already know, our hometown is one of the worst hit areas in Leyte. Typhoon Yolanda aka Haiyan devastated the region and a lot of people need help.

A group of Isabelanons led by Loelle “Wawa” Lantaca have banded together to help Isabel rebuild. You can find the entire team on the Bangon Isabel Facebook Group page. The group has also been featured on (read here). We’re also officially recognized and endorsed by the Municipality of Isabel.

#TeamBangonIsabel’s job is to two-fold: provide immediate relief to Isabelanons and help with rebuilding efforts. We’ve come up with three different ways for you to help fund these initiatives:


Online Donations

You can donate via XOOM (Paypal is currently reviewing our account so we can only receive funds via XOOM right now).

Click here to see the information you need to supply Xoom.

NOTE: I know people are always wary of sending donations especially to a stranger. We’re maintaining a list of all donors  for full transparency purposes – CLICK HERE


Cash Donations

For Peso Donations:

Marc Hil Macalua
Peso Checking Account Number: 257-7-257-80522-7 (Shaw-Oranbo Branch)

Marc Hil Macalua
Peso Checking Account Number: 004188004787  (Silver City Branch)

For Dollar Donations:

Marc Hil Macalua
Dollar Savings Account Number: 104180018848 (Silver City Branch)
Banco De Oro Universal Bank, Philippines: SWIFT CODE: BNORPHMM

IMPORTANT: Please send me a photo of the deposit slip or a screenshot of the transaction screen for transparency purposes. Please send it via email to


In-Kind Donations

You may coordinate directly with: Pipo Omega at +63 933-4219705 or Shiena Marie Bucol at +63 917-3262258 / +63 922-8001987. They’re both based in Cebu.

Isabel needs you. We are who we are because of our life experiences in this town. It’s time to give back.

Photos of Isabel, Ormoc, and Palompon from the following sites:

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