REVIEW: GoPole The Arm

Just got The Arm specialty mount from GoPole. Based on footages I’ve seen on YouTube, angle looks very similar to the GoPro front helmet mount, with a bit more elevation and angle choices. You can also choose to mount it at the back of the helmet.

It also is very, very light. I guess it has to be because when you add the camera, you can really feel the weight hanging in front of your helmet. The connection to the base also feels iffy. It’s as if you have to really tighten up the screw to the point of breaking to make sure that the camera+Arm maintain their position. I guess you can let it drop to get this type of shot (and he’s shown it’s strong enough to take a beating in the water… on solid ground though, I’m betting it’s going to be different) but the shot I want is more like a 70-degree shot looking down to get as much head+body+bike+ground in the footage as possible.

Hope to try it out this weekend at Pestano farm. Stay tuned for updates.

Meantime, check out this review from Sicklines.